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Aristocrat Motors is proud to be an authorized dealer of turn-key RENNtech vehicles. With an ongoing inventory of new vehicles tuned with RENNtech performance parts as well as the ability to customize a vehicle prior to purchase, we offer customers the ability to add an extra dimension of customization to their new Mercedes-Benz. For turn-key RENNtech vehicles, please contact our Mercedes-Benz sales department.

Aristocrat Motors in Merriam, KS is an authorized installer of high-performance RENNtech vehicle parts ranging from ECU upgrades and high-flow air filters to low-temperature spark plugs and intercooler pumps. Aristocrat Motors knows your high-performance vehicles need top-of-the line parts to produce the power and sporty agility you expect. That’s why the dealership offers RENNtech performance parts for Mercedes-Benz and Porsche vehicles. Artistocrat Motors also services vehicles from Land Rover, Jaguar, Maserati and Alfa Romeo for the Kansas City area.


RENNtech Featured Products

Renntech More Torgue

As an authorized installer of RENNtech ECU upgrades, Aristocrat Motors knows how an ECU upgrade can improve throttle response and overall performance without sacrificing reliability. This high-performance software unleashes the maximum potential of your luxury vehicle and elevates its performance to new heights.

Renntech More Horsepower

Aristocrat Motors in Kansas City installs superior air filters that allow more air flow than standard paper filters, leading to more power and performance from your vehicle Operating at cooler temperatures, our high-performance spark plugs fully ignite and give your engine more acceleration power. With a team of authorized installation specialists, there is no better place to get your air filters or spark plugs upgraded than Aristocrat Motors.

Renntech More Preformance

With an intercooler pump upgrade from Aristocrat Motors’ authorized installation team, you’ll get more than twice the flow rate you did with your original pump, which reduces incoming heat, creates a dense air/fuel mixture, and makes for a cooler overall operating temperature range

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