Returning a Leased Car at Aristocrat Motors

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Leasing a car is one way of selecting a new vehicle around Wichita, Yet if your lease is coming up or you are considering returning a leased car early, some drivers have asked, “Can you return a leased car early?”



If you’re planning on returning a leased car, Aristocrat Motors is here to showcase how the whole process works. Call us at 913-404-5862 or contact us online to speak to our finance center. We’ll showcase all your end-of-lease options and learn about this process.

Items to Bring When Returning a Leased Car

If you’re returning a leased car from Wichita or Kansas City, you want to be sure you have the right items to make everything run well. Even if you’re returning a leased car early, you want to be sure everything is present. Among what you’ll need to bring with you is:

  • Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Repair Receipts
  • Keys/Spare Keys
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Maintenance Records

Forgetting any of these or being unable to locate them may be problematic. However, our staff will be able to look up most of these items without issue. Call us or reach out with any further questions. To answer that often-asked question, yes, you can return a leased car early.

Returning a Leased Car Step by Step

If you’re returning a leased car, don’t worry–the process is very straightforward. You will also be able to return your leased vehicle to Aristocrat Motors, even if you leased at another dealership in %%target_city_2 or Leavenworth. Here’s how it works:

  1. You drop off your vehicle at our dealership. 
  2. One of our on-site specialists inspect the vehicle for damage, overall quality, and other key elements.
  3. Any extra miles on your vehicle’s odometer that exceeds the restrictions, alongside any wear and tear are subject to penalty fees.
  4. Once the vehicle is thoroughly inspected, you can upgrade to a newer model for a new lease, buy outright your current leased vehicle, or walk away to consider another of our new or used vehicles.

Returning a Leased Car Early

Yes you can, but let’s explain more. You will need to check with the specific leasing company, however most will allow an early return on a vehicle lease. If you don’t return the lease early, you’ll be responsible for paying off the owed amount, which includes penalty fees and any other assorted fees. 

If you decide on returning a leased car early, you won’t be held responsible for monthly lease payments and have the choice of upgrading to a newer lease model if you desire. 

Set up Your Lease Return at Aristocrat Motors

Now that we’ve summed everything there is to know about car leasing, why not check out the selection at Aristocrat Motors? Much like the name says, we have some of the finest automotive brands including Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Porsche, and more. Stop by today at our Merriam dealership and test drive some of the best vehicles on the road nowadays. We look forward to working with you soon!


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