Aristocrat Motors Service FAQ

Aristocrat Motors Service FAQ

There are certain questions that drivers ask frequently about servicing their luxury vehicle. If you have questions, you can always contact a member of the Aristocrat Motors team. However, we have addressed several frequently asked questions below in our Aristocrat Motors Service FAQ. Whether you have a question about recalls, need the number for roadside assistance, or aren’t sure what your check engine light means, we have you covered.

For more complicated service questions, be sure to schedule an appointment to get your luxury Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Land Rover, Jaguar, Maserati or Smart Car the ideal service environment. Our trained technicians, friendly service staff, and premium OEM parts can help set your mind to rest when it comes to getting your vehicle the best service possible. Aristocrat Motors is here to help all your service and luxury vehicle needs!


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dashboard gauge warning drivers to service engine soon
If you have a recall, you should receive a notification letter from your vehicle’s Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Please read this letter carefully as notification letters are often sent before parts and a fix are available. You should only attempt to schedule a service appointment if you receive a letter specifically directing you to. You can also check your vehicle by VIN online at

While we do not sell vehicles that have open recalls, we will purchase them and perform the work prior to sale. This should not affect trade-in value in most cases.

For shorter services (less than an hour) we recommend taking advantage of our luxuriously appointed waiting area or getting a ride in one of our courtesy shuttles. For services lasting longer than an hour, we have loaner vehicles available. Please note that loaners are highly requested and are rarely available without an appointment in advance.

In the early morning and late afternoon hours our service advisors are usually with customers. If you need to ask them a question, we recommend leaving them a short voicemail. If it is an emergency, leave a message with our operators or scheduling team, who will deliver it in person to the advisor.

Roadside assistance numbers for our brands are:
  • Mercedes-Benz: 1.800.367.6372
  • Smart Car: 1.800.762.7887
  • Porsche: 1.800.767.7243
  • Jaguar: 1.800.452.4827
  • Land Rover: 1.800.637.6837
  • Maserati: 1.888.371.1803
For vehicles outside of factory warranty, we recommend Santa Fe Towing. They can be reached at 913.894.5201.

Vehicles newer than the 2008 model year are equipped with Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS). If the tire pressure falls outside of the recommended range, it will illuminate the TPMS light on the dash. This can commonly occur if the vehicle experiences a dramatic change in temperature, such as in the Spring or Fall. To turn the TPMS light off, simply:
  • 1. Pull into a gas station with an air compressor.
  • 2. Refer to the recommended tire pressures listed inside either the driver door or fuel filler door.
  • 3. Adjust each tire to the recommended pressure using the air compressor and a tire gauge.
  • 4. While many of our vehicles will automatically detect the change, some will require a reset within the vehicle’s dashboard menu.
Note: Customers are always welcome to swing by the service drive and have us take care of this for you. As it only takes a couple of minutes, an appointment is not necessary.

Many older vehicles require a radio code if the unit is replaced or if the battery is disconnected. To simplify these requests, simply visit , submit a request, and a code will be sent to you within the next business day.
If your check engine light comes on and is solid (not blinking) we recommend scheduling an appointment immediately, but it is still generally safe to drive. If the check engine light is blinking, this represents a more serious issue and the car will need to be towed in.
We recommend scheduling an appointment in order to make sure that an advisor is available to assist you, to make sure that your vehicle is taken care of as quickly as possible, and to maximize the amount of transportation options available. That said, if you are concerned for safety or feel that it is an emergency, please bring the vehicle in and we will do our best to accommodate. You can schedule online via our website here.

Have other questions for us? Contact an Aristocrat Motors representative today or schedule your service appointment.



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