Customer Ownership Experience

When you come in contact with Aristocrat Motors, whether to purchase or lease a new or pre-owned vehicle or to have service on your current vehicle, you will be experiencing a standard of customer satisfaction and a level of customer amenities that have set the standard for Kansas City for 30 years.

Our buying experience is designed to respect your most valuable commodity, your time. We will have the model of interest waiting for you, the process will be laid out for you and your selection will be made not having to look at your watch.

The same expediency will hold true when the time comes to service your car, from a professional appointment process, that will offer you the first possible opportunity to have your car serviced to pick up and delivery if that is more convenient, the goal is to take the inconvenience out of having your car serviced.

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One of our service professionals can help you out with any questions you have about our dealership, your vehicle, or services that we offer.

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Aristocrat was the first dealer in Kansas City to offer loaner vehicles, that has not changed, only now you can expect to have a current model year Mercedes-Benz as your complimentary loaner vehicle. Whether you pick it up yourself when you drop off your car, or have it delivered to you, Aristocrat Motors sets the standard.

If you have the need for a quick service or to have your car checked over for a trip, you are welcome to wait in any of our showrooms and enjoy a comfortable chair or peruse the finest selection of luxury and performance vehicles in the market, all at one location.

New Vehicles

When one of our manufacturer’s, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Maserati, Jaguar or Land Rover introduce a new vehicle you can expect to that Aristocrat Motors will not only let you know but in most cases invite your in to see the new offering. Our New Vehicle Launch Events offer you the chance to enjoy the new car in a festive and relaxed atmosphere, after which you can return to drive and really experience the new car.

In all we do for our customers, from sales, service, introductions, to community involvement Aristocrat Motors offers more than just a retail experience, it offers a standard that is matched only by the Automobiles we offer.

Ready to test drive the vehicle that everyone is talking about? Take the new Boxster for a ride.

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