The 992 is an Evolution of the Porsche 911

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Recently, we got two combine two milestone events: the grand opening of our Porsche Kansas City showroom, and the reveal of the newest Porsche 911. This generation is known as the 992, and is the culmination of everything Porsche has learned about sportscars. Happily, the 992 is still recognizably a 911. Porsche is a company that likes to make gradual changes instead of drastic redesigns, so this is more of an evolution than an all new design.

But while the cosmetic changes are minimal, there are some real interesting developments underneath that iconic bodywork. The world-class PDK transmission has added yet another gear, so now it is an eight-speed transmission, allowing you to find the perfect gear for any situation. The flat six engine has also gotten a bump in power. Combine the two, and the 992 becomes a very capable weapon on the track or the street.

On the inside, the 992 is all new. The tachometer is still mounted proudly in the center of the gauge cluster, but is now flanked by digital screens on either side that can be configured to display a wide variety of other gauges, allowing you to customize your driving experience. This new technology is packed into a design that mimics the classic five gauge layout of previous 911s, which is basically what the 992 is all about. Take time honored design cues, and update them with modern technology and performance.

It seems only fitting that as Porsche moves into a new era with a new generation of its most famous car, we move into a new era with the first ever stand-alone Porsche facility in Kansas City. Both of us are taking everything we’ve learned from years of experience, and applying it to the best new technology available. So come down, and see both for yourself.


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