How We Treat You Ensures Our Success

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President’s Letter by Marion Battaglia

When I evaluate how we can provide the most complete and customer-oriented automotive environment, one of the assets that becomes very evident is the vast selection of choices we offer to our customers.

I came to the realization that between our Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Land Rover, Jaguar, BMW, Volkswagen, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo lines that we have 24 convertibles, 25 coupes, 37 sedans, two wagons, two commercial vans, and 47 SUVs models. So when you visit one of our dealerships, you open the door to not just one car line, but you also open the door to all these other lines and choices. We are very proud of this differentiation and what it offers to you and your sales consultant, the opportunity to find the vehicle that makes the most sense for you and fits your needs the best.

The other unique feature of the Auto Group is that we are privately owned. We represent a culture that is not created by a public company; we represent and are part of a culture that is representative of our privately owned auto group. That allows us to do things that are focused on our customer and not solely on net profit.

When you are in the market and you call in, you simply ask for your sales consultant, and he or she will most likely still be here since our salespeople make their careers at Soave Automotive Group. When you have great vehicles and an empowering culture, you have long-term associates. That salesperson will not only find you the vehicle that meets your needs but will have it ready for you when you arrive, and he/she will also ask you if you want to drive it overnight or for the weekend to make certain it is the “right one”. This is what sets us apart.

Our service departments are designed to be easily accessible for appointments, providing loaner cars and offering a service advisor that will be there for not only this car but the next one. Your service advisor will make sure you not only understand what was done but also what needs to be done on your next visit. And, yes, you will be escorted to your car by your service advisor, and it will be delivered back to you cleaned and with a bottle of water in the cup holder.

And when you make your automotive decision, you will begin, or continue, what we believe should be a lifelong relationship, and our standard is that when you take delivery of your car, our service department will, by its performance, sell you the next car and every subsequent car that is in your extended family and, hopefully, your office, your church, your club. You’re becoming an ambassador for us, because how we treat you ensures our success.

Have a wonderful summer.

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