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2012 Jaguar XK-RS Convertible

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Jaguar is synonymous with sports cars, that much is understood. The R-Line of Jaguar cars is also understood to be the highest performance versions of those. So what happens when Jaguar decides the XKR convertible can be more sporty? All hell breaks loose.

The 2012 Jaguar XK-RS is from first glance, obviously a very different kitty kat. 20 inch all-black wheels and a gigantic spoiler are the firs dead giveaways. Pair that with its more aggressive stance, carbon fiber trim pieces, and added aero package, and you’ve got yourself one mean looking convertible.

Once you’re inside the Jag its also apparent. The seats have been replaced with the race car variety and the steering wheel is covered in suede. Additionally the car has XK-RS badges to remind you what you’re driving. Heres a tip: when the car is on, you won’t forget.

When firing up the XK-RS, it is immediately apparent that you aren’t in just another Jaguar XKR. The exhaust is significantly louder, and the engine offers a deeper hum. From the original XKR making 510 horsepower, this car has been improved to 550! Thats nearly a 10% improvement on a car already making huge numbers. This bumps the top speed up to 186 MPH, which including the legendary XJ220 Road Car of the 1990s, makes it the fastest production Jaguar ever assembled.

Driving the car is like operating a nuclear weapon that can be used with the precision of a surgeons scalpel. Yes, there is huge amounts of power, but it is also very nimble and easily controlled.

Unlike its competitors at Porsche and Ferrari, getting the race model doesn’t mean you pay more for less either. The car still has premium audio, air conditioning, heated seats, and satellite navigation. Try getting a Ferrari track model that has any of that.

Currently we have two of these amazing vehicles available to test drive, and we don’t suggest passing an opportunity like that up.

2012 Sunflowers to Roses

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Here at Aristocrat Motors, we all know someone who has been touched by cancer. We have employees that have survived it, ones that are fighting it, and family members who have it.

It is for these members of our family that we ride in the 2012 Sunflowers to Roses Charity Bike Ride, an annual ride where hundreds of cyclists pledge to raise money for local cancer charities.

On Sunday, August 5th, 17 of our employees at Aristocrat Motors and our partner store Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City will ride for our coworkers and loved ones.

You can donate to our team by visiting our official team fundraising page. Also, follow along all of our team news using the #TeamSoave tag on Twitter. Please enjoy the following photo of team member John Shelton preparing mentally for the ride:

Porsche Boxster Unveiling

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Over 10 years ago Porsche debuted a smaller convertible, dubbed the Boxster. It was to be a nimble, lightweight, mid-engined convertible slotted under the 911 in the lineup. Customers greeted it with open arms, some saying its mid-engined layout helped its balance and handling. In just a few short years the vehicle outsold the 911, which was Porsche’s only other vehicle at the time.

This summer marks a special occasion: the arrival of a completely redesigned version of the Boxster. Unfortunately the top-down exhilaration of a launch party fell within a 37 day heat wave that continues to break records.

So how did we manage to beat the heat and celebrate this amazing new car? By throwing a summer party of course!

Less formal than our 911 launch last fall, the Boxster party was a casual affair, with light cocktails, gelato from our friends at Paciugo, and a street-style Mexican taco truck! Guests mingled, chatted about Porsche vehicles, and got the latest information from representatives of the Porsche Club of North America.

Photos of the event can be viewed from our partners at 435 South by going here.

Then, it was time for the unveiling. As the drapes were removed Dan Shearman, our Porsche sales manager, did the honors of presenting the car, along with Porsche sales consultants Mike Diaz, Rich Randazzo, and Ed Noblett.

We’re glad to finally show off the car, and welcome any of our customers to come and drive this amazing vehicle. We will make sure that throughout the summer we will always have one on hand, so please come up and take a few minutes to drive this new generation of the classic convertible.

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