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Understanding Porsche’s New Turbo Engines

By Editor | Posted in Uncategorized on Wednesday, February 15th, 2017 at 6:47 pm

Porsche is a company that is deeply tied to its history. The 911 is the greatest example of this, as the car has changed in only very minor ways throughout its long lifespan. Porsche doesn’t like to make drastic changes to their flagship model. The change from air cooled to water cooled engines was a shock to many 911 enthusiasts, and the recent change to all models being turbocharged was an even bigger change.

But you have to remember, Porsche is a company of engineers, above everything else. So any change has to make sense from a strictly analytical perspective. And the new turbocharged engines definitely make sense. While the naturally aspirated engines in the previous Carrera was no slouch, this new forced induction version blows it out of the water. Picking up twenty horsepower, and over forty pound feet of torque, while also squeezing out an extra 12% of fuel economy is certainly impressive.

The change to smaller turbo engines is an expanding trend all across the industry in an attempt to improve emissions and fuel economy figures. But make no mistake, while Porsche needs to meet those same targets, they also have to ensure that the usability and power are up to the standards that people expect. At the end of the day, it is still a Porsche, and that carries certain expectations. Expectations which the new turbocharged models certainly exceed.

Test drive one yourself and see if the change makes sense.

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