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Three of the most frightening words to hear: “You have cancer.” A cancer diagnosis can turn a person’s world upside down. There is a place in Kansas City where cancer patients and their families can turn to when they hear that devastating news. That place is Cancer Action.

Cancer Action is a local nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those living with, through, and beyond cancer in the Kansas City area. Our belief is that no one should face the challenge of cancer alone. We “go the extra mile” to offer vital services and support throughout the cancer journey. We offer programs and services that address the physical, emotional, social, and financial needs of cancer survivors and their families.

Cancer Action takes a very personal approach to care. Each person’s journey is unique. The caring staff of Cancer Action — operating from three locations within the metro — help people navigate through every step of their personal journey. Here is just one woman’s story and how Cancer Action came alongside her during this difficult time.

Mary’s world, and that of her 9-year old child, changed dramatically three years ago when Mary was diagnosed with lymphoma. At the age of 40, Mary began the fight of her life: experiencing times of aggressive cancer treatments and times of cancer remission. The disease took its toll on Mary financially, physically, and emotionally; so she turned to Cancer Action. We have been at Mary’s side, going the extra mile with her, providing the services she desperately needs, such as:

• Transportation to life-sustaining treatment appointments.
• Nutritional supplements to maintain her strength and energy.
• Medical supplies she needed but could not afford.
• Holiday adoption program to provide happiness and hope for her and her family.
• Guidance to help navigate the difficult challenges she faced.

Each year, thousands of cancer patients just like Mary come through our doors. As the only local organization offering the comprehensive services we provide, we could not do it without the support of our community. One group who “goes the extra mile” on behalf of those with cancer has been Sunflowers to Roses (S2R). They are dedicated to helping cancer patients through their love of cycling. Through their hard work to put on the fundraising Sunflowers to Roses Bike Ride, S2R has raised over $250,000 over the past 14 years, supporting cancer survivors through its financial support to Cancer Action.

Together, we go the extra mile!

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