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Designing your Land Rover Discovery in VR

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

When picking out your brand new car, it’s important to get it exactly how you want it. This can be a little tricky, because on new cars, like the 2017 Land Rover Discovery, there probably won’t be one available in each specification for you to compare. This means you’re going to be proving over photos on websites, and paint samples in dealerships. But here at Aristocrat Motors, we’re always trying to be right out on the bleeding edge of technology. We can’t help it. Being surrounded by some of the best cars in the world makes us want to elevate ourselves to match. Hence the VR goggles.

How this works is you put on the goggles, and sit in a Discovery Sport. Then one of our salespeople controls the goggles from a nearby tablet, and begins cycling you through your options. You can look around and experience the interior color options in full 360 degrees. They can even place you in the front, middle, and rear rows, all without you ever moving. Fair warning, this can be a little disorienting, because your body knows you are in the driver’s seat, but your eyes tell you you’re in the third row. That’s why we have you sit down for this. From there, you’re placed into a virtual showroom, and you get to see the new Discovery crawling across all manner of simulated terrain.

Designing your perfect car can be a stressful situation. That’s why we continually do everything we can to make those decisions easier. Sitting in a virtual representation of the full sized Discovery really helps you wrap your head around the scale and the colors of it. Land Rover provides some fantastic reference photos, but there is something missing until you can experience it in real 3D. We may not have hoverboards, but designing your SUV in virtual reality certainly feels like the future.

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