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Say Hello to Matte Black

By Editor | Posted in Uncategorized on Monday, October 23rd, 2017 at 9:26 pm


Simple, sophisticated, timeless. Nope, I’m not describing the infamous little black dress hanging in your closet. It’s actually the newest color to hit the home decor scene…matte black. Though this trend initially made its debut in fashion, it didn’t take long for it to cross over to home decor. Black finishes and accessories have always been cool and versatile, but the lack of shine offered by this new color gives this moody hue the perfect pinch of edginess. The best thing about this color is that it’s considered neutral. Whether paired with wood accents, shiny metallics, or pale pastels, matte black adds striking contrast while still creating balance and grounding your mix of styles.

Are you ready to add a little edge to your home? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Modern: Modern homes are known for their sleek and minimalistic style. Often times, there’s not a particular area that stands out more than another, but as a whole, the uniformity is breathtaking. For example, the use of large kitchen appliances against black cabinetry will create a totally flush look, making your kitchen resemble that of a five-star restaurant.

Just want to add a few modern touches to your home? Light fixtures such as matte-black pendants lined with gold are another small, yet mighty way to showcase this hot new trend in your home.

Farmhouse: Wall-mounted faucets are a staple in farmhouse bathrooms. And due to the rising popularity of matte black, manufactures have made faucets mimicking that of one found in an old farmhouse. This sleek color paired with a vintage- style faucet is a definite yes in my book!

Another gorgeous way to add some not-so-traditional farmhouse charm to your home is to paint a shiplap wall matte black as opposed to the traditional white. It will make a huge statement paired with white furniture and wood tables.

Traditional: Move over oil-rubbed bronze; matte black is in the house! Replacing old original hardware and light fixtures are a quick way to give your home a major spruce up.

Black pearl granite has been around for a long time. Though functional and pretty, it’s a little too “dressy” for some. Selecting a honed black countertop will take out the shine, allowing you to get a little more bold with your light fixtures.

Midcentury: Midcentury vibes are hot right now. Minimal furniture in vibrant colors, white walls, and geometric-shaped floor tile… hello, gorgeous! Lucky for us, tile shops now carry matte-black tile in fun shapes with a lot of dimension.

Furniture is another great way to add this trend to your home. Midcentury furniture pieces certainly stand out with their clean lines and unique legs. Try visiting your local vintage stores to find a pretty piece and start painting.

So, is it too early to say there’s a new black in town? Maybe. But it’s a gorgeous trend and worth incorporating into your home.

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