NAIAS Road Trip: Day 2

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Sorry for the delay in posting this, but with NAIAS underway all morning, a full recount of the final leg of our road trip up here was not possible.

With that being said, how did we do? Did we fail like last year, stopping in Toledo for fuel due to poor conditions and a questionable route, or did we make it through to absolute victory?

Coming off day 1, hopes were high. The Cayenne was averaging 32+ miles per gallon all day long, and the projected range had us in Detroit with a little room to spare.

The morning of day 2 was very chilly, and we came outside to discover our Cayenne was covered with a thin sheet of ice (see logo). After scraping the windows we set off, hoping that the cold wouldn’t adve

rsely effect the vehicle’s performance.











Unfortunately for us, that turned out to be the case. As the day began, our MPG figure began to drop, with the Cayenne averaging a mere 29 MPG for the first several hours. (This is the advertised MPG, so not a knock on Porsche) Our overall average for the trip started to decrease too, reaching as low as 31 MPG. With these decreases, we saw the range start diminishing faster than the miles were passing, lending us a cause for concern.

Then, miraculously, both the car and the weather warmed up. MPG figures again started climbing and the estimated range ticked over the remaining miles left on the trip. At around 3:00pm local time, we arrived at our hotel with an incredible 767 miles traveled, with the car indicating it still had 25 miles left in the tank.

The final fuel shot!

The final fuel shot!








What’s even more impressive: the average speed. Most people assume to maximize the mileage out of a vehicle means to drive it 55MPH in the slow lane, while drafting behind large semi trailers. The Porsche Cayenne Diesel required no such dangerous maneuvers and we drove it exactly how we would had we not been trying to complete this task. This is a true testament to the quality of the vehicle and it’s efficiency.

Now, for the auto show!


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