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AMG Expands Its Lineup

By Editor | Posted in Uncategorized on Tuesday, February 28th, 2017 at 10:29 pm

The AMG lineup of cars, like the C63, CLS63, and S65 has always been the pinnacle of the Mercedes family. But the level of engineering that goes into these cars results in a price that puts them out of the reach of some people. Luckily, AMG has now introduced a new trim level that bridges the gap between the top of the line 63 models, and the more tame “civilian” models. This is the 43 range. There is the C43, E43, GLC43, GLE43, and the SLC43.

For the sake of keeping this simple, we’re going to focus on the C43. The C43 sits neatly between the C63 and the C300. Just as its price is the middle ground between its siblings, so is the performance. Instead of a turbocharged four cylinder, or a twin turbocharged eight cylinder, it gets a twin turbocharged six cylinder. Again, right in the middle. Likewise, the body is the middle ground between the other brothers. It is not as wide and aggressive as the C63, but the larger wheels and tweaked bodywork sets it aside from the C300.

While the C43 does not get the traditional “one man, one engine” hand-built V8 of the older AMGs, it is still special enough to stand out from the pack. That six cylinder is still good for 362 horsepower, which in a car this small makes for a deceptively quick ride. So if you’ve always lusted over the AMG badge, but just couldn’t quite justify the price, the 43 range is a perfect way to join the world of German sport luxury.

Come in and test drive one yourself!

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